Rev John S.png

Very Rev. John Starczewski
Pastor Representative



Dr. Gregory P. Monroe



Crystal Koury
Assistant Superintendent


Beth Sullivan.png

Beth Sullivan
Board President 
Committee: Finance

Todd Ransom.jpg
Sam Abt-Bumgarner-6.jpg

Todd Ransom
Board Vice President 
(Holy Trinity)

Committee: Long
Range Planning

Samantha Abt-Bumgarner
Board Secretary 

Committee: Marketing

Jasmine Fontaine.jpg

Geaneen Moore

Committee: Special Needs

Jasmine Fontaine
(St. Matthew)

Committee: Long Range Planning

Jason Lewis.jpg

Jason Lewis
(St. Patrick)

Committee: Long Range Planning


Allana-Rae Ramkissoon
Assistant Superintendent


Shawn Flynn.jpg

Shawn Flynn
Past Board President
(St. Gabriel)

Committee: Ethnic Communion & Marketing

Julie Caperton (003) - 2019.jpg

Julie Caperton
(St. Mark)

Committee: Finance 

Jason Lodon.png
Mike Grippo.png
Taylor Carvajal_edited.jpg

Jason Loden
(Charlotte Catholic)

Committee: Finance

Mike Grippo
(At Large)

Committee: Facilities &
Ethnic Communion 

Taylor Carvajal
(At Large)

Committee: Finance & Special Needs

Sandy Dermody_edited.jpg

Sandy Dermody
(Christ the King)

Committee: Marketing

Open Position 
(St. Ann)


The Mecklenburg Area Catholic School Board hosts several Open Board Meetings throughout the year to keep our families informed with what the MACS Board is doing. Parents, faculty, and staff are invited to attend Open Board Meetings.