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Advisory Members
Rev John S.png

Very Rev. John Starczewski
Pastor Representative


Dr. Gregory P. Monroe



Crystal Koury
Assistant Superintendent



Allana-Rae Ramkissoon
Assistant Superintendent


As testament to our enduring commitment to educational excellence, we are transitioning from our Advisory School Board to a newly formed entity: the MACS Advisory Cabinet. Set to be implemented in the 2023-2024 school year, this transition was voted on and enacted by our MACS Regional School Board over the summer. Our primary aim with this new structure is to foster enhanced school representation, bolster engagement, improve accountability, streamline communication, all the while maintaining system-wide transparency and advocacy.

This decision was influenced by the establishment of the School Leadership Councils (SLCs) across our MACS schools last year. Currently, six of the nine SLCs are active, and we anticipate the remaining three to be functional by the end of 2023. These local advisory groups consist of parents, alumni, parish members, and community leaders who extend their support to the school's principal or president. As highlighted in our MACS PTO leaders meeting in March of 2022, SLCs complement the leadership of our exceptional, hard-working PTOs.

With the inception of the MACS Advisory Cabinet, a member of each school’s SLC will serve as a part of the Cabinet (typically, the SLC chair). This inclusion will ensure a direct representation from every school, facilitating the sharing of ideas and advocating school-specific concerns. Moreover, this Cabinet framework will fortify the bond between Diocesan and local school leadership, reinforcing our mission to uphold the teaching principles of the Catholic Church and champion the cause of exemplary Catholic school education. Below is the schedule of topics for the new MACS Cabinet meetings.

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