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Spiritual Development

Everything we do begins with faith and ends with excellence.


Each day, we help our students develop a strong foundation of Catholic values through prayer, study, and outreach. Helping students see the value in a life of faith and service means they will carry these principles with them in their academic pursuits and throughout their lives. Our rigorous and challenging curriculum is taught by top-notch faculty who use cutting-edge technology to ensure students are prepared to meet a progressive future. Each student also takes a religion class, and is offered time for mass and prayer.


No matter the endeavor they choose to pursue, our students graduate with a strong work ethic, a desire to achieve excellence, and a faith-filled heart to serve.

Service Learning & Mission Trips

Each MACS school engages in grade-level and school-wide service learning projects throughout the year.


High school students travel on mission trips domestically and abroad to help serve needy communities and spread the good news.


Middle and elementary school students collect and donate necessities for needy families and charities throughout the year.

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