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  • Special Learning | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Academics & Technology Elementary School Middle School High School Special Education | | | | Special Education Programs: Educating All God's Children OPTIONS: THE MODIFIED ACADEMIC PROGRAM (MAP) at St. Ann Catholic School and Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School is designed for students with special learning needs who require a modified academic curriculum. It is a hybrid program that utilizes a self-contained classroom, with opportunities for students to attend classes with their general education peers as appropriate. Instruction in core subjects is adapted to the student’s ability level. Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech/Language Therapy are offered on a weekly basis to students in grades 2-5. Students may continue their education via the Options Path at Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School. Learn More about the St. Ann MAP Program ​ OPTIONS: PROVIDING ACADEMICALLY-APPROPRIATE CATHOLIC EDUCATION (PACE) at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School serves students both at elementary and middle school levels. In grades 2-5, the program is primarily delivered in a self-contained setting, with daily opportunities to attend classes alongside regular education peers. In grades 6-8, the inclusion model is used. The PACE classroom is designed to serve students who are struggling significantly in the areas of reading and writing. Students benefit from instruction using the Orton Gillingham approach. The goal of this special education program is to remediate reading/writing weaknesses, so that students may eventually return to the general education classroom with learning support, once they’ve acquired the content and skills needed to help them achieve on grade level.Learn More ​ OPTIONS: THE MATTHEW-MORGAN PROGRAM, established in 2003 at St. Patrick Catholic School , serves students with Down syndrome. Enrollment is open to students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The program’s mission is to provide quality, functional, faith-based education in a classroom setting where each child can progress toward his/her individual potential. Basic academics and life skills are taught to help students become self-reliant and independent. The inclusive environment nurtures children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. Students may continue their education via the Options path at Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School. Learn More ​ OPTIONS AT HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL is designed for exceptional students who need an individualized, modified academic curriculum. Instruction throughout the day utilizes a combination of inclusion and self-contained settings based on the needs of the individual student. At the middle school, Options continues a special education path for students from the Matthew-Morgan Program and MAP. Students new to MACS may also be admitted at this level. The Options classroom prepares students for entry into Options at Charlotte Catholic High School. Learn More ​ OPTIONS AT CHARLOTTE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL continues the K-12 path for students requiring an individualized, modified academic program. Students new to MACS may also be admitted at this level. The program is designed to give students a full high school experience, as well as prepare them for life beyond high school. This “certificate” path will also allow participants to explore various options available on college campuses for students with special needs. Learn More ​ "My son has grown in self-confidence and maturity. He feels secure in who he is. It has been such a blessing to our family for both my sons to attend together and have both of their educational levels to be met. We just feel so fortunate to have this opportunity available to us."

  • MACS Advisory Cabinet | macs

    Advisory Members Very Rev. John Starczewski Pastor Representative Dr. Gregory P. Monroe Superintendent Crystal Koury Assistant Superintendent Allana-Rae Ramkissoon Assistant Superintendent As testament to our enduring commitment to educational excellence, we are transitioning from our Advisory School Board to a newly formed entity: the MACS Advisory Cabinet. Set to be implemented in the 2023-2024 school year, this transition was voted on and enacted by our MACS Regional School Board over the summer. Our primary aim with this new structure is to foster enhanced school representation, bolster engagement, improve accountability, streamline communication, all the while maintaining system-wide transparency and advocacy. ​ This decision was influenced by the establishment of the School Leadership Councils (SLCs) across our MACS schools last year. Currently, six of the nine SLCs are active, and we anticipate the remaining three to be functional by the end of 2023. These local advisory groups consist of parents, alumni, parish members, and community leaders who extend their support to the school's principal or president. As highlighted in our MACS PTO leaders meeting in March of 2022, SLCs complement the leadership of our exceptional, hard-working PTOs. ​ With the inception of the MACS Advisory Cabinet, a member of each school’s SLC will serve as a part of the Cabinet (typically, the SLC chair). This inclusion will ensure a direct representation from every school, facilitating the sharing of ideas and advocating school-specific concerns. Moreover, this Cabinet framework will fortify the bond between Diocesan and local school leadership, reinforcing our mission to uphold the teaching principles of the Catholic Church and champion the cause of exemplary Catholic school education. Below is the schedule of topics for the new MACS Cabinet meetings.

  • Middle School | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Overview Elementary School Middle School High School Special Education | | | | Growth. Responsibility. Opportunity. Middle School: 6th - 8th We believe middle school is a critical time where students are becoming young adults. We want to give them all the tools they need to be faith-filled, skilled, prepared and confident. In middle school, critical thinking and problem solving skills are applied at an advanced level. Students are taught to bridge gaps, serve their communities, and communicate effectively as members of society. Students are immersed in a new world of opportunities where they can explore personal interests and talents in classes like Graphic Design, Business, Broadcast Journalism and Finance. Students are able to travel with the band, compete in art competitions, and play competitive sports. Students are guided into developing personal responsibility and accountability as they learn to juggle their workload and manage changing classes. Most of all, students receive the rigorous instruction needed to be ready for high school. Learning Support is available for students who may need academic assistance and Special Education Programs are available for students with diagnosed learning disabilities.​ Curriculum, Clubs & Activities Including but not limited to: Religion, Spanish, French, English, Latin, Math, Science, Broadcast Journalism, STEM, Social Studies, Robotics, Marketing, Finance, Computer Programming, Computer & Multimedia, Music, Choir, Musicals, Band, Art, Dance, Creative Writing, Business, Web Design, Graphic Design, Physical Education, Athletics, Chess Club, Student Council, Newspaper, Yearbook, Talent Show, Junior Achievement, Drama Club, Art Club, Washington D.C. Trip, Service Learning, Jazz Band and more... Holy Trinity (6-8) St. Mark (K-8) OLA (PK-8)

  • Catholic Education | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools | United States

    Welcome to MACS Business Office The MACS Business Office is the hub for Admissions, Student Billing & Financial Aid, Transportation, and After School Care for our nine school system. Current Families Prospective Families OUR SCHOOLS CHARLOTTE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9 - 12 St. Ann Catholic School Grades PK-5 CHRIST THE KING CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9 - 12 MECKLENBURG AREA CATHOLIC SCHOOLS 9 schools. 1 family. HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL Grades 6 - 8 St. Gabriel Catholic School Grades K-5 St. Mark Catholic School Grades K-8 SAINT MATTHEW CATHOLIC SCHOOL St. Matthew Catholic School Grades TK-5 OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION CATHOLIC SCHOOL Grades PK - 8 OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION CATHOLIC SCHOOL Grades PK - 8 St. Patrick Catholic School Grades K-5 REady To Tour? Interested in touring one of our schools? Click the logo above to contact the school directly to schedule your visit. Tours JOIN OUR FAMILY Request Info Apply Now School Locations 100% graduation and college matriculation rates 9 co-ed, fully accredited MACS schools 50+ academic, technology & specialty courses 4 languages taught 140+ athletic championships since 2001 special learning programs 5 35K student service hours performed in 2020 20+ fine arts courses offered

  • Musical Theater | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Band Chorus Fine Arts Dance Art & Design | | | | Musical Theater | Musicals Gallery Students study the basic elements of theater, film and acting. They learn the history and progressive of theater as a reflection of society. They learn how to design sets, read and analyze scenes, and improvisation and sketch comedy. Classes produce plays each year. ​ Related Classes Acting Technical Theater Musical Theater Costume Design Drama/Theater

  • Athletics | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Athletics Overview Our schools have won over 140 athletic championships since 2001! Athletics are an extension of the classroom. They give students the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork, collaboration, sportsmanship and hard work. Our stellar athletes have won over 125 Championships since 2001! Nearly all of our schools offer athletics, even starting in elementary school! Sports Offered Including but not limited to: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wrestling

  • Bands | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Band Chorus Fine Arts Dance Art & Design | | | | Musical Theater | 3x All State Band Member All State Band Member Congrats to our high school and middle school students who made the All-State Band. Hear their stories and listen to them play. High School Band High school band members traveled to Ireland for an international band competition and won two international band awards! They also marched in the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago. MACS band students consistently place in the All-District and All-State Bands. Band is offered to all students displaying interest and talents at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Students are taught to read music, music theory and collaboration. Students perform solos, duos, trios, and as ensemble members. Students perform Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as at various parades and competitions throughout the year. Band students at the middle and high school levels are offered additional Jazz Band and Symphonic Band options. Middle and high school bands travel domestically and internationally for band performances and competitions.

  • FIT Family Individualized Tuition | macs

    FIT: Family Individualized Tuition Family Individualized Tuition Information Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools is committed to welcoming all families who wish to make the investment in Catholic education for their children. To make the investment in Catholic education affordable for as many families as possible, we are pleased to offer an individualized approach to affording Catholic Education - Family Individualized Tuition. Through our FIT program, your student's tuition rate and your family's capital fee is determined by several factors, including your family's demonstrated need. We partner with FACTS, an independent third party, to assist with need determinations. Students in grades PK - 12 are eligible to be considered for FIT. Ready to apply for FIT? Click the link below, or scroll down for more information. Apply Here A Customized Tuition Solution FIT for Your Family FACTS Need Determination ​ To be considered for FIT, submit an application for your family through FACTS' Grant & Aid software, along with any requested documentation an d the $35 non-refundable fee. If there are circumstances that have recently changed or you wish to explain in further detail, FACTS provides a comment section for you, as well as a section to upload optional documentation. ​ Once your family's application is submitted in full, FACTS will process it to determine need and will then send it to us for review. From the time your application and all requested documentation is submitted, it takes an average of 2-4 weeks to receive a response. ​ ​ ​ FIT Need Appeals ​ If circumstances change after your FIT determination has been sent to you and you wish to have your need reconsidered, please refer to your de termination email for information on FIT appeals. ​ ​ NCSEAA Scholarship The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) offers an income-based scholarship of up to $6,492 per school year to recipients. ​ For students with certain disabilities, NCSEAA's ESA+ scholarship may be a great fit. ESA+ awards vary from $9,000 - $17,000 pe r school year and do not consider income. ​ We recommend new families interested in NCSEAA scholarships to apply before March 1. To review requirements and to apply, please visit . ​ ​ ​ Tuition Adjustments for Catholic Families For families who are des ignated Participating Catholic by their Diocese of Charlotte Catholic parish, additional tuition adjustments are available: Participating Catholic discount - please visit for more information on eligibility for the Participating Catholic Tuition Rate. ​ Multiple Child Discount - applied to the youngest siblings in birth order: 2nd child - 10% discount 3rd child - 25% discount 4th child - 50% discount Example FIT Scenarios Because each family has unique circumstances and many factors influence a family's need, FIT determinations will vary by family. These scenarios are based on actual families and 2022-23 tuition rates. What is the Opportunity Scholarship? The Opportunity Scholarship is program that helps families pay for tuition & certain fees at approved non-public schools. All schools in the Diocese of Charlotte are approved. Applications and awards are handled through the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA). How much is the award and how do I apply? Awards are based on your family’s Tier, which is based on income and household size. Awards for the 2024-25 school year will range from $3,340 to $7,468. To view Tier and Award information, click here (links to To apply, visit What are the requirements to apply? Families are required to reside in North Carolina and students must be entering grades K-12 to be eligible. No documents are needed during the application process, but tax transcripts and proof of residency may be requested by NCSEAA prior to finalizing awards. Are all families guaranteed to receive an award? The funds allocated in the North Carolina budget for the Opportunity Scholarship are limited for the 2024-25 school year, therefore it is possible that the number of applicants will exceed the amount of funding available. Awards are first given out to renewal students, followed by Tier 1 families. Any remaining funds will then be awarded to Tier 2 families, followed by Tier 3 and Tier 4 families. Even if your family falls into a higher Tier and may not receive an award this upcoming year, please do still apply. Your voice will let North Carolina legislators know that this program is important to all families, will hopefully encourage more funds to be allocated toward this beneficial program, and will ensure that your family is already in the system when it comes time to apply and/or renew for next year. When will awards be announced? How do I apply the award to my tuition account? New recipients will be notified by NCSEAA in April. The MACS Business Office will begin applying awards to tuition accounts in April and May. The first tuition payment for the 2024-25 school year is not until June 2024, therefore awards announced in April will be applied prior to the first tuition payment. If for some reason you do not see your award in your tuition account by mid-May, please contact the MACS Business Office for assistance. What can the Opportunity Scholarship funds be applied to? NCSEAA statutes and program rules determine what the funds can be applied to. Funds can currently be applied to tuition, registration fees, and capital fees. Although MACS bills capital fees by family and not by student, NCSEAA policy requires us to split the capital fee amongst all students in a family when reporting eligible tuition and fees. Am I required to apply for the Opportunity Scholarship? MACS families are highly encouraged to apply for the Opportunity Scholarship. Only families who are requesting to be considered for our financial aid program, FIT, will be required to apply for the Opportunity Scholarship as part of the FIT application process. This requirement is waived for families residing in South Carolina. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Opportunity Scholarship? For application and eligibility questions, contact the NCSEAA at 855-330-3955 or Questions on how the Opportunity Scholarship is applied to your MACS tuition account, contact the MACS Business Office at 704-370-3265 or

  • News | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools Office Information The Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools believes that prioritizing in-person instruction is best for students’ overall well-being. ​ This year, working together as parents, school leaders, teachers, and students, we will continue to prioritize the safety of our school communities. The consistent validation we have received from school data and education and health professionals reinforces that our guidelines and protocols, outlined in the following pages, are appropriate and correct for the mission and needs of our schools. The protocols prioritize safety while supporting our goal to provide as normal a learning environment as possible. ​ As we move through the school year, we will continue to monitor the pandemic and use objective data to make decisions that support a safe and conducive learning environment for those we serve. The pandemic continues to affect populations throughout our community and beyond. We must remember that our decisions individually and collectively should focus on fulfilling our mission. Meeting our students' holistic learning needs, so that they may answer their calling to be intentional disciples of Christ, is our responsibility. We appreciate your trust and partnership this past year and look forward to walking Faithfully Forward with you in 2021-2022. May God bless you and your family. Important Links August 1 Faithfully Forward Return to Campus 2021-22 (English) ​ August 1 Faithfully Forward Return to Campus 2021-22 (Spanish) ​ Proper Handwashing Video ​ Emotional Support Video ​ ​ MACS Information Our 9 schools have developed individual and specific guidelines for returning to campus on August 18. Please check your individual school's website for the school specific plan and additional information.

  • High School | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Overview Elementary School Middle School High School Special Education | | | | Experiences. Integrity. Preparation. High School WHAT TO EXPECT: 1-to-1 Program = laptop for every high school student ​AP & Honors courses Unique courses: Theology, Aviation, German, Philosophy, Psychology, Business, Engineering, Industrial Design, Physics, Costume Design, Web Design, Acting, Voice, Debate & Speech, U.S. Government, African American Studies Service Projects & Mission Trips Award-winning fine arts program Championship-winning athletic programs College Counseling & college matriculation Special Learning Programs & Learning Support 100% graduation rate​ ​Both schools are co-ed The goals are graduation and college. Our 100% graduation rate at both high schools is a direct result of our faith-based, rigorous curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to give students experiences in competitive fields. Students travel abroad on mission trips to help local communities. Engineering and Industrial Design students build life-size projects on campus. Aviation students have hands-on learning experiences during field trips as well as access to a simulator. Broadway hopefuls can study dance or design and sew costumes for musical theater productions. Future international business executives can study Spanish, German or French. Band musicians perform domestically and abroad, and artists paint murals in our hallways. Our athletes develop endurance and dedication to their respective sports, winning championships. Whatever the interest, our high schools have it. Students are also taught to value and maintain the fundamentals of faith, cooperation, respect, responsibility, integrity and confidence. Students have access to Learning Support for academic assistance and Special Education Programs for diagnosed learning disabilities. ​ Coming from abroad? Charlotte Catholic High School currently accepts international students. Check out the apply section of the website to learn more. Including but not limited to: Theology, Spanish, German, Latin, French, English, U.S. Government, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Political Science, Psychology, Marketing, Journalism, Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Web Design, Digital Design, Computer Programming, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Theater, Costume Design, Dance, Acting, Photography, Physical Education, Athletics, Yearbook, Newspaper, Student Council, Debate and Speech, Service Learning, Spirit Week, Glee Club, National Honors Society, Philosophy, African American Studies, British Literature, Horticulture, Aviation Curriculum, Clubs & Activities Charlotte Catholic Christ the King College Counseling & Matriculation Both high schools have a 100% graduation rate! In the past two years, our students received over $45 million in scholarships for college. Our graduates matriculate to more than 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States from Harvard and UCLA to UNC Chapel Hill and Georgetown! Both high schools (Charlotte Catholic High School and Christ the King Catholic High School) provide college counseling programs. College counselors guide students through the college search, application and financial aid processes. Once accepted, students enjoy hanging their college banner in the college counseling room or painting the logo on the college counseling door.

  • Fine Arts | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Band Chorus Fine Arts Dance Art & Design | | | | Musical Theater | Talent. Creativity. Expression. Exploring and developing God-given talents Award-Winning Bands who travel and compete nationally and internationally. Award-Winning Visual Artists who paint murals in our hallways. Musical Theater performances with sets and costumes designed by students. When it comes to fine arts, we've got it all . Whether it's learning pirouettes from professional ballet dancers or performing band concerts overseas, our fine arts programs are sure to excite the inner creativity of each MACS student. We believe that involvement in fine arts only increases performance in core subjects. That's why we offer fine arts starting in Pre-K through 12th grade. We offer everything from Dance to Photography and Band to Theater. High school students can take Technical Theater and Costume Design classes to learn how to build sets and design costumes for theater productions. ​Middle/elementary school students can learn guitar, graphic design, piano and more! Learn more... Band Chorus Theater Dance Art & Design At various grade levels, including but not limited to: Costume Design Graphic Design Acting Drama Chorus Honors Choir Band Concert Band Jazz Band Marching Band Debate and Speech Musical Theater Guitar Ceramics Painting Drawing Dance Glassworks Industrial Design Technical Theater Photography Fine Arts Courses

  • Visual Arts and Design | Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

    Band Chorus Fine Arts Dance Art & Design | | | | Musical Theater | Costume Design Students learn to design, sew and create costumes for school plays and musicals like Shrek. Whether they hope to be future Broadway costume designers or start their own clothing line, our students can learn it here firsthand. Graphic and Web Design Graphic and Web Design courses are offered at the middle and high school levels. Web Design students learn how to create and maintain web sites using HTML, Javascript and pre-packaged web design software. Digital Design learn to create 3D worlds and 3D digital designs to print on the 3D printer. Students may also use skills learned in these classes in help on our Newspaper, Yearbook, Broadcast Journalism Desks and Visual Arts Department. Ceramics, Glassworks, Photography, Painting, Drawing Our visual arts programs begin in elementary school and continue into high school. Students design and paint murals on their school walls or draw elaborate creations for art competitions. Developing an eye for design, color and composition are emphasized on all levels. Students may delve into printmaking, ceramics, photography, glassworks, painting, multimedia design and more!

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