Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Timeline
  • First Round Deadline:
    March 1st – results are mailed to families in mid-to-late May

  • Second Round Deadline:
    May 1st – results are mailed to families about 8 weeks after this deadline ends (mid-to-late July)


  • After May 1st
    Results will be processed by FACTS on a monthly basis and the results will be sent to the families as soon as possible thereafter.


​Applications with missing information or IRS verification will not be considered until all information is provided.

Tuition Assistance

Funds for the Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS) needs based Tuition Assistance program are provided by the Parishes in the Charlotte Vicariate. The funds are reserved for tuition costs and include Capital fees. They do not include instructional, transportation, activity, or graduation fees. These grants do not cover the entire tuition cost. Families with registered full-time students in grades TK-12th grade are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. The percentage of tuition assistance granted to families varies each year depending on the amount of documented need and the amount of funds available. Not all families who apply for tuition assistance qualify.

There are three deadlines for completed tuition assistance applications listed below. Completed applications must be received by FACTS by the deadline to be considered for the round. Applications with missing information will not be considered received until all information is provided.

  • First Round Deadline: March 1st – results are mailed to families in mid to late May

  • Second Round Deadline: May 1st – results are mailed to families about 8 weeks after deadline

  • Monthly thereafter after May 1st

Although the FACTS service may have processed your individual application and completed your analysis prior to the deadlines noted above, the results are sent to the Tuition Assistance Committee only after each round is complete. In this manner we are able to reduce overall costs and provide more funds for assisting other families. Tuition assistance applications received after the Third Round deadline will be processed by FACTS in monthly rounds beginning in October through April.

The final determination of any grant is based on the information submitted on the application and the student need as determined on the FACTS report. These results are sent to the Tuition Assistance Committee in rounds not by individual applications. FACTS does not award the grants. The decision to grant or deny a family any funds is made by the Tuition Assistance Committee. You will be notified by letter of the results of your application by the Tuition Assistance Committee. Please do not call the MACS Business Office for the results of your application as they do not have responsibility / information on any family’s tuition assistance application.

Families wishing to participate in the tuition assistance program must apply every year. Receiving a grant one year does not automatically ensure a grant the following year. The number of families applying may change and the ranking of each family’s need may change each year.

The due date for annual tuition payments and the scheduled drafting of tuition and fees is not affected by the tuition assistance application process. Your account will be drafted as noted on your registration information until the results of your application are determined by the committee and communicated via letter to you. Drafts cannot be held pending tuition assistance application results. Also registration of your students cannot be delayed pending tuition assistance application results. A student must be accepted and registered in order to receive tuition assistance application results.

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COVID-19 Tuition Assistance Information

MACS recognizes that in these unprecedented times many families have experienced the loss of a job and income. The Catholic Schools is open remotely and available to discuss options for financial relief to assist with tuition assistance. The Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools Office has established an emergency tuition assistance program for the COVID-19 crisis. For the 2020-2021 school year, families financially impacted by the coronavirus situation are eligible to apply for additional, temporary tuition assistance. In order to apply for the emergency tuition assistance program, please contact the MACS Business Office.

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