Special Learning

"My son has grown in self-confidence and maturity. He feels secure in who he is. It has been such a blessing to our family for both my sons to attend together and have both of their educational levels to be met. We just feel so fortunate to have this opportunity available to us."


Special Learning Programs: Educating All God's Children
Matthew Morgan, MAP, PACE, Learning Support

Educating all of God's children is our mission. MACS has three special learning programs at five schools for students with special learning needs and diagnosed learning disabilities. Learning support is also available to all students at all nine schools.

Our Matthew Morgan Program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of students with Down Syndrome. This program is offered at St. Patrick Catholic School, Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School, and Charlotte Catholic High School.

The Modified Academic Program (MAP) is a self-contained program for students who require a modified academic curriculum in their core courses. Students receive core instruction based on their needs in a variety of settings: one-on-one, small group, and/or regular class instruction with a one-on-one teacher. This program is offered at ​St. Ann Catholic School, Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School.

The Providing an Appropriate Catholic Education Program (PACE) is similar to MAP but is designed to fully re-enter students diagnosed with a reading (dyslexia) and/or writing (dysgraphia) disability back into the general education classroom. This program is offered at Our Lady of the Assumption ​Catholic School.

Learning support is offered at all nine schools for students who may need assistance with academics.

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