Special Learning Programs: Educating All God's Children


Options @ St. Ann Catholic School, formerly the Modified Academic Program (MAP), is s a self-contained program for students with special needs who require a modified academic curriculum. Instruction in core subjects is adapted to the student’s ability level. Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech/Language Therapy are offered on a weekly basis to students in grades 2-5. Students can attend classes with their general education peers as is appropriate. Students may continue via the Options path to Holy Trinity Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School.


Options @ Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, formerly the PACE Program, is a self-contained program for students Grades 2-8 with average to above average cognitive ability and a diagnosed specific learning disability. It is designed to serve students who are struggling significantly in the areas of reading and writing. Students in this program receive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach. The goal of this program is to remediate reading and writing weaknesses so that students can return to the general education classroom. 


Options @ St. Patrick Catholic School. formerly known as the Matthew Morgan Program since 2003, serves students with Down syndrome. The program evolved into its present form in 2011 and continues the legacy by opening enrollment to kindergarten-5th grade students. Its mission is to provide a quality, functional, faith-based education in a classroom setting where each child can progress toward his/her individual potential. Basic academics and life skills are taught to help students become self-reliant and independent. Families will discover an inclusive environment in a faith-based setting that will nurture their children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. These students are an integral part of the school and contribute to St. Patrick’s mission to “Be Jesus to one another”. Students may continue this program via the Options path at Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School.


Options @ Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School is designed for students who need a modified academic curriculum because of a diagnosed learning disability and/or lower cognitive ability. Instruction throughout the day utilizes a combination of inclusion and self-contained settings. At this location, the K-12 path continues for students coming from the Options Programs at St Patrick and St. Ann Schools. The program is also open to new students in grades 6-8.


Options @ Charlotte Catholic High School continues the K-12th grade path for students requiring a modified academic curriculum to continue to flourish at the high school level and beyond. This “certificate” path will allow students to explore options on college/university campuses. The program is also open to students new to the MACS system. 

"My son has grown in self-confidence and maturity. He feels secure in who he is. It has been such a blessing to our family for both my sons to attend together and have both of their educational levels to be met. We just feel so fortunate to have this opportunity available to us."