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Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools Office Information

The Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools believes that prioritizing in-person instruction is best for students’ overall well-being.

This year, working together as parents, school leaders, teachers, and students, we will continue to prioritize the safety of our school communities. The consistent validation we have received from school data and education and health professionals reinforces that our guidelines and protocols, outlined in the following pages, are appropriate and correct for the mission and needs of our schools. The protocols prioritize safety while supporting our goal to provide as normal a learning environment as possible.


As we move through the school year, we will continue to monitor the pandemic and use objective data to make decisions that support a safe and conducive learning environment for those we serve. The pandemic continues to affect populations throughout our community and beyond. We must remember that our decisions individually and collectively should focus on fulfilling our mission. Meeting our students' holistic learning needs, so that they may answer their calling to be intentional disciples of Christ, is our responsibility.


We appreciate your trust and partnership this past year and look forward to walking Faithfully Forward with you in 2021-2022. May God bless you and your family.

MACS Information

Our 9 schools have developed individual and specific guidelines for returning to campus on August 18. Please check your individual school's website for the school specific plan and additional information. 

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